A Better Future for Surplus

Client Self-Service

Simplify Selling Overstock and Returned Goods

Quickly Profit from Your Surplus

Small- and medium-sized retailers and consumer brands face a dilemma when it comes to surplus inventory. Managing and selling these items is a drag on company resources, requiring costly, specialized processes and infrastructure. Yet your volumes of surplus goods often aren’t large enough to justify a full-service outsourced solution.

Our client self-service option solves this conundrum. By simplifying the process of selling surplus goods, we reduce your costs while increasing profits and speed of sale. We’ll still handle virtually every aspect of the sale, and you’ll still benefit from our proven marketing and sales strategies and network of millions of buyers.

How It Works

Why Client Self-Service

Maximize Recovery

Proven marketing and sales strategies promote your goods to millions of surplus buyers, driving maximum recovery.

Reduce Operational Costs

By outsourcing the bulk of surplus inventory management – from sale preparation through fulfillment – you’ll significantly reduce program costs.

Sell Items Faster

Expect sales times measured in days, not weeks. Listing items yourself allows you to get inventory into our auctions and sold more quickly.

Experience an Impactful Partnership

You’ll have a dedicated account manager to solve all your problems, and you’ll benefit from our decades of surplus inventory expertise.

Why Client Self-Service