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Forward-Thinking Solutions for Your Retail Reverse Supply Chain

A Solution for Your $1.75 Trillion Problem

Retailers and consumer brands lose an astonishing $1.75 trillion annually from out-of-stock, overstock, and returned goods (source: IHL Group). How much are surplus goods costing your business?

Partner with Liquidity Services to turn your surplus inventory into maximum recovery by selling it on our targeted online marketplaces. With a comprehensive suite of services, we help you reach millions of interested buyers; efficiently sell truckloads, palletloads, and individual units of goods; and efficiently manage all aspects of the sale, from auction listing through buyer customer support and shipping.


Discover Our Comprehensive Services for Retail Inventory

Every Category. Every Condition.

Retailers and consumer brands have complex, varied surplus inventory needs. Liquidity Services supports over 500 asset categories and possesses on-staff subject matter experts who provide superior counsel to clients on the management and sale of every asset regardless of category and condition.

Total Management of Overstock, Returned, and Surplus Inventory

Reconciliation, RTV, & RMA

We manage your returns process to determine whether inventory should be shipped, disposed of, or resold for maximum recovery. By handling all related services through one partnership, we streamline your returns program to reduce costs, time, and hassle. Our solutions adhere to all RTV agreements and your brand’s needs while optimizing return.


We add value to your returned and overstock inventory by performing grading, functionality testing, wiping, defacing/delabeling, and basic or light refurbishing. Through our trusted, global network of partners, we also provide more extensive refurbishing and remanufacturing services for electronics and appliances. We typically sell all refurbished products with a warranty, also handling all claims and administration.


Through our reuse, redeploy, recommerce, and recycle philosophy, we help to eliminate waste and responsibly extend the life of surplus products and inventory. We are an R2-certified electronics provider and recycle non-electronic goods via our partners and/or 501(c)(3) organizations. This service includes end-of-life certificates at the serial number level and adheres to no-landfill policies.

Marketing & Sales

By partnering with you to develop and implement a customized approach, we ensure optimal return for your returned and overstock inventory. We offer a full range of B2B and B2C marketing and sales solutions using our established online brands, third-party brands such as Amazon or eBay, white label ecommerce storefronts we can create for you, or even your own branded marketplaces. We also have the ability to support offline sales in truckloads via our internal direct sales team.

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Program Management

Retailers and consumer brands look for partners to help innovate and drive reverse supply chain performance. Having long-tenured relationships with the most successful retailers and OEMs in the world, we know how to develop and execute a high-impact surplus asset management program for returned and overstock inventory from Day 1.

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Liquidity Services strengthens and protects your brand by creating reliable, first-rate secondary market experiences. We provide a dependable network of world-class distribution centers and transportation solutions that connect any product category to our multichannel fulfillment platforms reaching specifically targeted buyer markets across the globe.

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Buyer Customer Support

Rated an A+ provider by the Better Business Bureau, Liquidity Services delivers world-class service to support every aspect of the buyer experience, from site registration to dispute resolution. The personalized, memorable service we provide continually drives loyalty, satisfaction, and referrals that result in a greater number and higher quality of buyers for your surplus.

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Compliance & Risk Mitigation

We pride ourselves on being a responsible, accountable extension of our clients’ businesses. Our compliance and risk mitigation services are backed by credentialed attorneys, financial experts, and compliance officers to ensure clients are protected from all potential risks associated with managing and selling surplus retail inventory.

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See Our Client Success Stories

Learn how we've delivered consultative surplus asset management, valuation, and sales solutions for the world'€™s leading organizations.

Comprehensive Surplus Inventory Program Helps Multinational Retail Corporation Expand Canadian Presence

Our client is a multinational retail corporation with over 11,000 stores in 27 countries. For nearly 20 years, Liquidity Services has partnered with the company’s American division to optimize its reverse supply chain.

Reducing Freight Costs and Increasing Return on Retail Surplus Inventory

A top-tier wholesale retailer with 400+ locations across the United States worked with a liquidation solution and encountered interruptions and failures in reverse supply chain flow of goods. There were several contributing factors which included: sporadic pick-up of goods, undocumented shortages, payment issues, and item mismanagement. The cost freight for products became unpredictable and drained the retailer's bottom line as recoveries diminished.

Liquidity Services Leverages eBay Partnership to Drive Sales of 9,000 Units in One-Day Promotion

When one of the leading global software companies in the world experienced a backlog of consumer electronics product returned by consumers, the company needed a quick solution to sell the product in a feasible, efficient way. The client tapped its trusted reverse supply chain partner, Liquidity Services,

Increasing Revenue on Refurbished Units for Large OEM

A large OEM found that almost half a billion dollars of their product was selling on eBay through third party sellers. While selling new merchandise to retailers was a core expertise for the OEM, the organization had less experience in the area of resale of refurbished product to consumers or the secondary markets. The OEM became concerned with brand perception and service on eBay and consumer marketplaces

Launch of Branded Outlet Store Enhances Brand Perception and Increases Sales

A large, global OEM had been selling its refurbished products to a limited group of wholesalers and retailers via a single distributor. Limited sales channels and steep discounting drove down the recovery value for its refurbished goods, which resulted in a negative impact on its "A" product position and brand perception. Over time, this model led to further discounting in an effort to move product faster, which lowered recovery value, affecting the brand in the broader market.

Liquidity Services Provides Complete Returns Management for Outdoor Retailer

Liquidity Services handles the end-to-end process of returned goods from over 120 client stores. What was once a headache is now an efficient process, managed by Liquidity Services.

Large Retailer Achieves Zero-Waste Through Reverse Supply Chain Solution

A large retailer was sending store inventory annually to landfills due to restrictive return-to-vendor (RTV) policies and desired to build sustainability into its reverse supply chain process. Existing RTV policies and long-standing paradigms can have unintended consequences pertaining to asset disposition.