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AssetZone® ­­Asset Management

Smarter Asset Management. Better ROI.

Seamless Surplus Asset Management from Discovery Through Sale

Effective surplus asset management helps you contain costs, optimize use of resources, and make smart investment recovery decisions that further sustainability initiatives. Liquidity Services' proprietary AssetZone software, a Software-as-a-Service solution used by many Fortune 1000 organizations, allows for more effective management of the entire asset lifecycle across all of your locations worldwide.

The AssetZone Process

AssetZone provides complete visibility into all surplus assets across your organization, empowering you to more effectively execute
every stage of your asset management program.


Capture all asset data across your organization and identify assets with redeployment or resell potential.


Identify assets that require valuation, which can then be appraised by our expert valuation team to enable data-driven asset management decisions.


Facilitate redeployment across your organization by easily identifying, promoting, and requesting assets to be redeployed.


Easily mark assets for sale, schedule sales, and view results, facilitating ongoing asset disposition to generate maximum investment recovery.


Search for and request surplus or idle assets you need, efficiently filling resource gaps across your organization.


Monitor assets throughout the shipping and settlement lifecycle and electronically send shipping documentation.

The AssetZone Advantage

See Our Client Success Stories

Learn how we've delivered consultative surplus asset management, valuation, and sales solutions for the world'€s leading organizations.

Valuation, Management, and Disposition Help Airport Authority Maximize Value for Terminal Construction Surplus

An airport authority planned to construct a fifth terminal at one of the world’s largest and busiest airports. Requiring over 8,000 construction workers and 80,000 tons of structural steel at a 126-hectare site, this endeavor was Europe’s largest construction project at the time. The organization needed to purchase a large array of construction equipment to build the terminal, and it sought an expert partner to achieve maximum return on these assets after use.

Plastics Manufacturer Benefits from Asset Management

A large producer of private label plastic products for the hanger, garden, and hardware industry restructured its operations and had a need to liquidate assets from one of its operations. The company turned its focus toward its core business and began the search for a third-party provider to manage the resale of allocated assets. A key factor in vendor selection was the ability to provide a cost-effective solution with experience with injection molding machines and product molds.

Multi-National Consumer Goods Company Utilizes Asset Management Solution for Effortless Closure

A global consumer goods company made a decision to close one of its facilities in Europe. While reviewing the assets it might redeploy or sell externally, the company discovered the information on the assets was incomplete and disorganized. Its management team requested a more efficient process to capture information on the assets and understand their value for both redeployment and sale purposes.