Valuation, Management, and Disposition Help Airport Authority Maximize Value for Terminal Construction Surplus

Valuation, Management, and Disposition Help Airport Authority Maximize Value for Terminal Construction Surplus


tons of steel used in construction


years of ongoing on-site support


recovery for wide range of construction assets


An airport authority planned to construct a fifth terminal at one of the world’s largest and busiest airports. Requiring over 8,000 construction workers and 80,000 tons of structural steel at a 126-hectare site, this endeavor was Europe’s largest construction project at the time. The organization needed to purchase a large array of construction equipment to build the terminal, and it sought an expert partner to achieve maximum return on these assets after use.


The organization selected Liquidity Services to provide ongoing management, valuation, and disposition solutions for its surplus equipment during the three-year construction project. The Liquidity Services team began by working closely with the client to inventory and value all assets. Without an asset register for guidance, Liquidity Services carefully determined which assets were owned by the client and which were owned by contractors. We successfully performed this work within a tight timeframe at a busy construction site.

Once assets were no longer needed, we swiftly removed them through redeployment or sale. Liquidity Services redeployed the surplus to other client projects via our AssetZone® asset management software or sold it through our GoIndustry DoveBid online marketplace. Liquidity Services’ speed, asset management expertise, and effective marketing and sales methods enabled us to meet the client’s time-sensitive disposition requirements.


Through a series of strategic, targeted marketing campaigns, Liquidity Services achieved maximum recovery for the client’s construction surplus. By swiftly redeploying and reselling this surplus, we helped the client maximize cost-effectiveness and efficiency, keeping the new terminal construction on budget and on schedule.

More Sales Methods. Higher Recovery.
  • Client An Airport Authority
  • Date January 12, 2015
  • Tags Seller: Mining & Large Construction

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