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Electronics manufacturers must optimize global operations while developing faster innovation and differentiated customer experiences. Liquidity Services provides comprehensive solutions for managing your electronics manufacturing reverse supply chain, helping you stay focused on what drives your business.

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$15 Million for Machine Tool Assets from Facility Closure

Our client is one of the world’s leading electronics manufacturing services companies. When sales of a well-known tablet brand declined in the global market, the company needed to close a facility that manufactured components for these tablets. In addition to the usual challenges of closing a facility, the company needed to sell and remove close to 2,000 items from the site including over 450 high-quality, late-model CNC machine tool assets.

Innovative Asset Tagging Solution Helps Technology Company Make Strategic Decisions

Our client is a high-tech optical communications technology and test and measurement company. The company planned to split and needed a complete, up-to-date record of its assets so it could divide them appropriately. Although each company location had an asset register, these registers were incomplete, with some assets missing, mislabeled, or unlabeled. The company had a tight timeline to update its existing registers with complete information on all assets across five facilities in northern California, Connecticut, and Canada.

Comprehensive Program Mitigates Risk and Generates Millions for Leading Smartphone Manufacturer

Our client is a leading Canadian telecommunication equipment company. As its core business changed, the company began strategically consolidating operations, resulting in surplus data center, networking, research & development, and production assets around the globe. Looking to implement globally consistent and compliant methods for managing its surplus, the company sought an experienced partner to provide comprehensive solutions, proven processes, and desired sales results

Leading Semiconductor Company Meets Timeline to Sell Used Vacuum Pumps

A large, global semiconductor company had 70 vacuum pumps stored in one of its sub fab facilities, where they had been idle. Liquidity Services drew on its expertise to gather descriptive information about the assets and began marketing their availability through its auction website. Liquidity Services received three qualified buyer offers to purchase the entire lot of items.

Europe-based Engineering and Electronics Company Expands Value & Reduces Scrapped Equipment

A multinational engineering and electronics company headquartered in Europe serves as the world's largest supplier of automotive components. In 2001, this leading company was in the search process for a vendor to remarket their surplus and idle machines and equipment. With 350 subsidiaries across 60 countries, the company had an ongoing need to sell a range of equipment in automotive components assembly, electronics, semiconductors, plant support, and industrial and renewable energy equipment.

Mobile Phone Supplier Achieves 200% Over Expected Recovery on Asset Disposition in Facility Closure

When a global mobile phone supplier decided to close a test and measurement facility in Europe, the management team was also given a short window to complete this difficult task. The facility only had a two-month window to clear out all of its assets and a goal of £100,000 in cost recovery.

Idle Asset Disposition for Smartphone Manufacturer

A global smartphone manufacturer had idle assets in one of its contract manufacturers. This manufacturer didn’t have resources to support an asset disposal program. Liquidity Services was able to provide a solution for the smartphone manufacturer which included data removal, global resources, and asset relocation.

Surplus Asset Management for Electronics Manufacturer

A leading electronics manufacturer wanted to reorganize operations and turned to Liquidity Services to outsource many of its services. That included refurbishment, customer service, and a multi-channel approach to deal with the returns of its products. Liquidity Services’ superior multichannel returns management program allowed the manufacturer to protect its brand.