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Retailers must provide compelling customer experiences that deepen relationships and grow revenue. Managing the reverse supply chain for overstock and returned inventory, Liquidity Services helps you stay focused on your core business. Our high-impact partnership ensures you receive maximum value for your inventory. That’s why more than half of the top 20 retailers partner with us.

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Liquidity Services has expertise in nearly every retail inventory category:

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Learn how we've delivered consultative surplus asset management, valuation, and sales solutions for the world'€™s leading organizations.

Comprehensive Surplus Inventory Program Helps Multinational Retail Corporation Expand Canadian Presence

Our client is a multinational retail corporation with over 11,000 stores in 27 countries. For nearly 20 years, Liquidity Services has partnered with the company’s American division to optimize its reverse supply chain.

Reducing Freight Costs and Increasing Return on Retail Surplus Inventory

A top-tier wholesale retailer with 400+ locations across the United States worked with a liquidation solution and encountered interruptions and failures in reverse supply chain flow of goods. There were several contributing factors which included: sporadic pick-up of goods, undocumented shortages, payment issues, and item mismanagement. The cost freight for products became unpredictable and drained the retailer's bottom line as recoveries diminished.

Liquidity Services Provides Complete Returns Management for Outdoor Retailer

Liquidity Services handles the end-to-end process of returned goods from over 120 client stores. What was once a headache is now an efficient process, managed by Liquidity Services.

Large Retailer Achieves Zero-Waste Through Reverse Supply Chain Solution

A large retailer was sending store inventory annually to landfills due to restrictive return-to-vendor (RTV) policies and desired to build sustainability into its reverse supply chain process. Existing RTV policies and long-standing paradigms can have unintended consequences pertaining to asset disposition.

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