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Constant product innovation, swiftly changing consumer preferences, and high return rates have created a need to manage the reverse supply chain. Overstock and returned inventory aren’t obstacles – they’re opportunities for adding value. An experienced partner trusted by half of the top 30 consumer brands, Liquidity Services can unleash this potential to support your goals.

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Learn how we've delivered consultative surplus asset management, valuation, and sales solutions for the world'€™s leading organizations.

Leading Consumer Electronics Brand Turns Returns into Revenue with Comprehensive Program

Our client is one of the world’s leading consumer electronics brands. Like every retailer and consumer brand, this company faces the challenge of returned goods. Nearly $650 billion worth of goods is returned each year globally (source: IRL), creating the need for streamlined returns management to turn this burden into a revenue source.

Liquidity Services Leverages eBay Partnership to Drive Sales of 9,000 Units in One-Day Promotion

When one of the leading global software companies in the world experienced a backlog of consumer electronics product returned by consumers, the company needed a quick solution to sell the product in a feasible, efficient way. The client tapped its trusted reverse supply chain partner, Liquidity Services,

Increasing Revenue on Refurbished Units for Large OEM

A large OEM found that almost half a billion dollars of their product was selling on eBay through third party sellers. While selling new merchandise to retailers was a core expertise for the OEM, the organization had less experience in the area of resale of refurbished product to consumers or the secondary markets. The OEM became concerned with brand perception and service on eBay and consumer marketplaces

Launch of Branded Outlet Store Enhances Brand Perception and Increases Sales

A large, global OEM had been selling its refurbished products to a limited group of wholesalers and retailers via a single distributor. Limited sales channels and steep discounting drove down the recovery value for its refurbished goods, which resulted in a negative impact on its "A" product position and brand perception. Over time, this model led to further discounting in an effort to move product faster, which lowered recovery value, affecting the brand in the broader market.

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