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Biopharmaceuticals companies must keep pace with increasingly tough competition, expand into new global markets, and continually improve efficiency and grow working capital. Liquidity Services’ expert reverse supply chain solutions help you extract maximum value from your surplus and idle assets, fueling your strategic initiatives and allowing you to focus on core business.

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Liquidity Services has expertise in nearly every biopharmaceuticals asset category:

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Learn how we've delivered consultative surplus asset management, valuation, and sales solutions for the world'€™s leading organizations.

Liquidity Services Generates $750K from Facility Closure for Leading Biopharma Client

Our client is a biopharmaceuticals company with operations in the U.S. and Europe. After deciding to close a New Jersey facility as part of a strategic consolidation, the client was left with a wide range of biopharma, IT, and office equipment. Needing to focus its resources on core business, the client sought an expert partner to manage these surplus assets from end to end.

Surplus Management Partnership Achieves Millions for Leading Biopharmaceuticals Company

Our client is a biopharmaceuticals and healthcare products company with operations in over 130 countries. The company is challenged to manage a wide range of surplus assets resulting from its operations, including biopharmaceuticals, industrial, and electrical equipment. Lacking the internal resources to implement a consistent, effective surplus management program, the company turned to an expert partner.

Comprehensive Long-Term Partnership Achieves Nearly $30 Million in Value for Leading Global Pharmaceutical Company

Our client is a global pharmaceuticals company that discovers, develops, and delivers innovative medicines. Several years ago, the company identified the opportunity presented by its surplus research & development, manufacturing, and electronics assets.

Multinational Pharmaceutical Leader Nets Over $1.1 Million for Dated, Niche R&D Equipment

A Europe-based, multinational pharmaceutical and biologics company was in the process of reviewing the usage of a Scandinavian plant and related equipment. Originally opened in the mid-1990s, the plant had served as an important facility for their R&D efforts around anti-viral drug development. However, much of the specialized equipment in the facility had been idle and did not support the company's research roadmap.

Biotech Research Company Receives ROI in Record Speed for Toxicology Facility

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies rely on impartial third-party research organizations to help develop new drugs by providing services such as toxicology studies, preclinical investigations, clinical trials, and post- marketing studies to evaluate the safety of a new drug. One of the largest biotech contract research organizations closed two toxicology facilities in Virginia and Arizona

Asset-Based Lender Achieves Boost in Inventory Performance at Pharmaceutical Chain Through Valuation

An asset-based lender needed to determine advance rates for a pharmaceutical chain of 20 stores across five states in the U.S. With a holistic approach that allowed customers to choose their own approach to their health care alongside a traditional pharmacy and a staff of certified practitioners, there were unique aspects to the chain, which provided difficulty in determining its market value.

Surplus Asset Sales from Consolidation Project Nets Global Pharmaceutical Company Over $1.3 Million in 6 Months

A global biotech company wanted some visibility on their surplus assets. They were about to go through some huge changes; mergers and acquisition, some site closures. They really didn't understand what they had. Implementing AssetZone®, Liquidity Services' web-based program to monitor surplus, gave them clarity and efficiency, as well as a cost-effective program.

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