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To stay ahead of competitors, aerospace and defense companies must launch innovative, profitable systems, handle development complexity, and consistently grow working capital. By transforming your reverse supply chain from a hindrance into a liquid opportunity, we help you stay focused on what moves business forward.

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Liquidity Services has expertise in nearly every aerospace and defense asset category:

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Leading Aerospace & Defense Supplier Maximizes Value for Two Facility Closures

Our client is one of the world’s largest suppliers of advanced aerospace and defense products with nearly $15 billion in annual sales. Liquidity Services recently supported this client on two initiatives that differed greatly in complexity and scope, illustrating our ability to scale our partnership according to a specific project’s needs.

Aerospace & Jet Manufacturer Utilizes Liquidity Services Program Management Expertise

An aerospace and jet manufacturer was going to close a plant under a compressed timeline. Because Liquidity Services was already an installed service provider working closely with them, we could very quickly put resources on the ground for inventory and put together a strategic plan to get them out of that facility in time, helping them meet their working capital goals for $68 billion.

Leading Aerospace & Defense Contractor Successfully Recovers Value for Specialized Assets

A leading aerospace and defense contractor made the decision to close a manufacturing plant in the Midwest United States. The asset disposition plan called for availability of the remaining assets over a period of months and consisted of equipment and items from a number of different asset categories

Major Aerospace and Defense Manufacturer Increases Recovery by 45% on High-Value Equipment

A major aerospace and defense manufacturing company with facilities worldwide was in the process of reinvesting in production lines for turbine blades. In order to make space for this business innovation, the company needed to acquire new equipment and dispose of a small number of high-value machining equipment and assets deemed to be surplus or idle. There was a slim time window with just a few weeks allocated to sell the machines and install the new equipment.