A Better Future for Surplus


From Pioneer to Industry Leader

Proven Innovation and Superior Service Since 1999

Liquidity Services was founded on the belief that there is a better way forward in the $150 billion reverse supply chain industry – a way to transform surplus from a burden into a value-added opportunity. Our innovative solutions to intelligently manage, value, and sell surplus assets laid the groundwork for our success. But our commitment to sustaining our clients’ trust and exceeding their expectations propels us ahead as the industry leader.


Secure a better future for your surplus assets

How It All Started

A Market Opportunity

In the late 1990s, Bill Angrick and the founding team saw an opportunity to transform an underserved market. Billions of dollars of surplus and idle assets were underappreciated and underutilized within the world's supply chains. Bill realized this surplus was a potential growth opportunity for end users and businesses. Since most reverse supply chain processes were decentralized, reactive, low-visibility, and low-tech, he also saw the chance to revolutionize how surplus assets were managed. The reverse supply chain could and should be optimized like a core business function to fully capture the value that endures within every surplus asset.


An Idea for Innovation

Bill's vision began with a basic but profound innovation to the status quo. By making it easy for end users, entrepreneurs, and small businesses to securely connect with the millions of surplus and idle assets residing in the world's supply chains, everyone would win—buyers, sellers, and the planet. With this simple idea, Liquidity Services' first online marketplace for surplus assets was launched.

A Commitment to Leadership

Today, Liquidity Services is the unrivaled leader in the reverse supply chain industry, partnering with over 10,000 clients worldwide including Fortune 1000, Global 500, and government organizations. With a global buyer base of 3 million and nearly $7 billion in completed transactions, we are building a better future for surplus. No competitor can match the scale and scope of services we provide, or the excellence and reliability we demonstrate in delivering value to our clients and buyers.

Our Values Drive Your Success

We possess deeply held principles that empower us to deliver a consistently superior experience to clients.

10,000+ Clients Can’t Be Wrong

Through better service, scale, and results, we transform your reverse supply chain into a high-performing business function.