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Scrap Sales Milestone: 160 Million Pounds of Recycled Asphalt Sold on Behalf of our Government Partner

Liquidity Services- November 02, 2014

We recently hit another scrap-sales milestone; this time with tons of recycled asphalt. On behalf of the U.S. Department of Defense, Liquidity Services has sold 160 million pounds of recycled asphalt generated from pulverized roads and runways at Eielson Air Force Base in Fairbanks, Alaska. The asphalt was sold to the public via Liquidity Services’ marketplace www.GovLiquidation.com over the course of two years in seven separate sales, with quantities ranging from 42 million pounds down to eight million pounds. The 160 million pounds – which equates to 80,000 tons or 186 Boeing 747 airplanes – marks the largest auction amount for a single category of scrap material in Liquidity Services’ history.

Buyers of the asphalt ranged from construction companies to recyclers and resellers. One of our buyers, Bernie Karl, of K&K Recycling, told the Fairbanks News Miner that he has purchased about 19,000 tons of asphalt for use in new infrastructure including parking lots, paved trails, and four-wheeler paths. Due to its ability to be recycled and reused multiple times, recycled asphalt is a cost efficient and permanent resource for resurfacing roads or parking lots and reduces the amount of oil and other natural resources needed to create new asphalt.

Through our scrap auctions, Liquidity Services is pleased to support one of the largest zero-waste initiatives in U.S. history and has sold over two billion pounds of scrap material on behalf of our clients. Liquidity Services partners directly with the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), municipal government agencies, and Fortune 1000 corporations to sell base materials and scrap metals including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, nickel alloy, electronic scrap, rubber, paper, and in rare occasions, even compost and recycled asphalt. Such sales enable our- clients to achieve important sustainability goals, reduce costs, and generate new revenue streams. 

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