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Get More from Your Holiday Returns

For consumers, the holiday season has come and gone, but for retailers, it’s still going strong. The reason? Holiday returns. Find out how to maximize recovery from yours.

Turn Your Back-to-School Surplus into Cash

Summer’s drawing to a close, and for most retailers, the back-to-school rush has already come and gone, leaving them wondering what to do with their overstock school supplies, from laptops to...

Leading Biopharma Companies Recover Over $1.7 Million for Surplus Assets

Leading Biopharma Companies Recover Over $1.7 Million for Surplus Assets

Long-Term Partnership Generates Over $70 Million for Multinational Energy Corporation

Liquidity Services partners with the world’s top energy companies to turn their surplus line pipe, oil refinery, and other assets into value. We’ve completed more than 80,000 transactions totaling...

Turn Surplus Retail Inventory into Profit

Retail surplus comes in all shapes and sizes – from smartphones and tablets to apparel – and can present itself in numerous forms, from overstock inventory to goods returned from consumers....

Case Study: Leading Consumer Electronics Brand Turns Returns into Revenue with Comprehensive Program

Liquidity Services partners with half of the top 30 consumer brands to turn their surplus, returned, and overstock inventory into value. In an ongoing partnership, we help one of the world’s...

Think "Reverse" to Move Forward

Reverse logistics is defined as “the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, cost effective flow of raw materials, in-process inventory, finished goods and related...