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Maximize Recovery for Back-to-School Surplus

By September, only 15% of parents will be done with back-to-school shopping. How can you connect them with your back-to-school surplus?

Get More from Your Holiday Returns

For consumers, the holiday season has come and gone, but for retailers, it’s still going strong. The reason? Holiday returns. Find out how to maximize recovery from yours.

Dress up Your Surplus Inventory Marketplace This Halloween with Liquidity Services

Halloween comes a-creeping frighteningly fast every year, bringing families together for some spooky good times and helping stock the pantry with an entire year’s worth of chocolate. It also...

Three Steps to Maximizing Recovery for Industrial Manufacturers

2016 isn’t even over yet and we’ve already seen the effects several major industrial manufacturing trends have had on the marketplace..

Turn Surplus Retail Inventory into Profit

Retail surplus comes in all shapes and sizes – from smartphones and tablets to apparel – and can present itself in numerous forms, from overstock inventory to goods returned from consumers....

Think "Reverse" to Move Forward

Reverse logistics is defined as “the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, cost effective flow of raw materials, in-process inventory, finished goods and related...

Tiger Liquidity Services Partnership Helps Insolvent Energy Companies Maximize Capital with Efficiency and Speed

As macro trends drive energy enterprises into bankruptcy or distressed situations, insolvency and turnaround professionals are looking to enhance their services to this market. In response,...