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$8.5 Million for Automotive Assets Through Principal Deal

Most organizations must at some point face the logistical challenges of upgrading or replacing their production machinery, a process which is bound to result in surplus assets and the need to...

Get More from Your Holiday Returns

For consumers, the holiday season has come and gone, but for retailers, it’s still going strong. The reason? Holiday returns. Find out how to maximize recovery from yours.

Warehouse Spotlight: North Las Vegas

Curious what happens to your surplus inventory once it arrives in our warehouse? Here’s an inside look at our warehouse in North Las Vegas, one of 11 we operate across the U.S.

Turn Surplus Retail Inventory into Profit

Retail surplus comes in all shapes and sizes – from smartphones and tablets to apparel – and can present itself in numerous forms, from overstock inventory to goods returned from consumers....

Tapping into Growing Global Markets for Surplus Asset Sales

Selling your surplus assets to new and expanding businesses in developing economies can greatly widen your pool of potential buyers, giving you more opportunities to maximize recovery on your...

The Biggest Mistakes Businesses Make with International Trade Regulations

When managed effectively, the reverse supply chain can help your organization achieve business goals and bottom-line results. Without the right processes and expertise, however, the reverse...

Liquidity Services Helps Leading Pipeline and Midstream Company Sell Inaccessible Take-Up Pipe for Maximum Recovery

Liquidity Services’ unparalleled industry and asset category expertise enables us to expediently find interested buyers for virtually any surplus asset, no matter how specialized or remotely...