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Save the Earth and Save Money with Liquidity Services

As Earth Day approaches, millions of individuals and organizations across the globe are recognizing the importance of keeping our planet clean and ecologically safe. This is also a good time...

New Network International Energy Marketplace Benefits Clients and Buyers

Liquidity Services recently launched an enhanced new version of our Network International marketplace for energy assets. The new marketplace makes it simpler and quicker for buyers to search...

Case Study: Manufacturer Saves $3 Million through Redeployment

An industrial products manufacturer needed to close three plants in Ohio and Tennessee in just three weeks. The company needed a partner to help it identify assets to be redeployed, manage the...

Spring Cleaning: Find Millions in the Corporate Couch Cushions

At any given time, almost 20% of a typical organization’s assets are surplus to its needs. From office equipment to production machinery to entire facilities, these assets lie idle or in storage...

Simplify Facility Closures with Expert Surplus Management

Most organizations must at some point face the logistical challenges of upgrading or replacing their production machinery, a process which is bound to result in surplus assets and the need to...

How Surplus Management Helps Mining and Construction Companies Meet Industry Challenges

Here are four major trends affecting the mining and construction industry, and how an effective program for managing surplus assets can help you make the most of them.

FEATURED AUCTION: $15 Million for Machine Tool Assets in Efficient, Compliant Sale

FEATURED AUCTION: $15 Million for Machine Tool Assets in Efficient, Compliant Sale