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FEATURED AUCTION: $15 Million for Machine Tool Assets in Efficient, Compliant Sale

FEATURED AUCTION: $15 Million for Machine Tool Assets in Efficient, Compliant Sale

Three Steps to Maximizing Recovery for Industrial Manufacturers

2016 isn’t even over yet and we’ve already seen the effects several major industrial manufacturing trends have had on the marketplace..

Easing Facility Closures Through Integrated Asset Management Solutions

When closing a facility for any reason, a best practice is to have a process in place for the management of surplus assets. This is usually a large undertaking, as businesses create teams and...

6 Considerations When Choosing an Asset Management Partner

In today's rapidly changing business environment, mergers, moves and technology upgrades often result in unused or idle equipment. With pressure to keep focused on future projects, many businesses...

Construction industry set to grow, asset management key to success

Growing industries are a welcome boom to the economy. One market's simple boost in yearly revenue is sometimes enough to spur innovation and an increase in earnings in similar sectors. So, when...

Salvage 101: What You Need to Know

Salvage is typically thought of for personal lines; however, salvage covers much more than just automobiles. There are varying examples of what salvage can look like; an old crane with a damaged...

Improving Your Asset Management Process through Valuation

Valuing capital assets provides accurate and timely information to better understand how to capture the enduring value in underperforming or idle assets. If an organization does not effectively...