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Three Steps to Maximizing Recovery for Industrial Manufacturers

2016 isn’t even over yet and we’ve already seen the effects several major industrial manufacturing trends have had on the marketplace..

Turn Your Back-to-School Surplus into Cash

Summer’s drawing to a close, and for most retailers, the back-to-school rush has already come and gone, leaving them wondering what to do with their overstock school supplies, from laptops to...

Get Your Surplus Assets Ready to Sell in Just Three Steps

On average, 20% of an organization’s assets is surplus to its needs. In other words, one-fifth of your assets are just sitting around, depreciating, and taking up space.

Warehouse Spotlight: North Las Vegas

Curious what happens to your surplus inventory once it arrives in our warehouse? Here’s an inside look at our warehouse in North Las Vegas, one of 11 we operate across the U.S.

Three Strategies to Build Maximum Recovery for Your Surplus

All organizations have complex surplus asset management needs that vary based on their strategic goals, asset mix, industry, and other factors. Yet every organization also wants the same thing...

Permian Basin Story Shows Surplus Assets Are Opportunities for Energy Companies

As the energy industry continues to suffer from the effects of low oil prices, oil and gas companies are looking to the secondary market to generate needed capital for their now-surplus equipment...