One of the leading PC manufacturers and technology companies in the world had created a program to resell their employee-returned laptops and PCs. Through this program, the thousands of laptops from employees throughout North America were kept out of landfills and given extended life, becoming a valued asset for a new computer owner. The PC manufacturer turned to Liquidity Services to seek out a way to potentially increase recovery on these units, furthering its sustainability mission.


Liquidity Services worked with the client to design a team to process, test, and grade the returned PC units. Liquidity Services' comprehensive asset management program was consolidated into one site in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where all operations were streamlined, incorporating trained workers who could conduct inspections on the units and wipe proprietary data from each unit in an efficient manner.


The Liquidity Services surplus asset management solution created additional cost efficiency in the client's returned laptops and PCs program operation. The restructured program allowed the team of workers to process units more quickly, doubling production and increasing the number of units processed per cycle by 79 units. Between program inception in September 2012 and January 2013, more than 7,481 units were processed, netting an overall increased return and value for the PC units. With a sustainable disposition process, the electronics manufacturer is also able to continue and further its commitment to positively impacting the environment.

Thanks to this surplus asset management program, the client saw a higher return on used employee laptops and PCs along with a reduction in expenses as a result of increased production.