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Top Dollar for Surplus Cranes and Other Capital Assets

Gardner Dudley- November 05, 2014

Over the last decade, organizations have shifted their approach toward how they deal with the total lifecycle of their capital assets. With increasing regulations, corporate responsibility initiatives, brand protection concerns, and demand for real-time performance data, more companies are embracing the reverse supply chain – which includes surplus, idle and obsolete inventory – as a vital part of their business strategy.

This is particularly evident in the crane industry as the demand for surplus crane assets exists on a global scale given the amount of onshore and offshore production, rising energy needs, and the continuous building of infrastructure all over the world. I recently contributed an article to American Cranes & Transport about how organizations can get top dollar for their surplus crane assets by: investing in recovery through proper maintenance; implementing reverse supply chain best practices to include valuation and remarketing plans; and working with a trusted partner to manage all aspects of disposition.

Because implementing a surplus-asset management program can be time consuming and takes employee bandwidth away from core business activities; it’s typically best to enlist the help of an experienced partner whose primary business is providing solutions for surplus assets. As a leader in the reverse supply chain, Liquidity Services has demonstrated success across multiple industries, including the crane industry, and a proven track record of providing our clients with best-in-class asset management programs that maximize value and support strategic business goals. This includes industry knowledge, expertise, and the ability to implement a winning solution.

Read the full article in American Cranes & Transport for more information about best practices for surplus crane assets. To learn more about how Liquidity Services can implement a winning solution for your surplus capital assets -from cranes to cargo trailers to construction equipment -please contact us.

Gardner Dudley, President, Capital Assets Group

Gardner Dudley serves as President for Liquidity Services' Capital Assets Group, which includes Liquidity Services' award-winning marketplaces Government Liquidation, GoIndustry DoveBid, Network International, and Truck Center. As the top executive for the Capital Assets Group, his team is shaping the way that surplus capital assets are managed, valued, and sold. Gardner obtained his BBA from the University of Texas at Austin and is a member of the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA).